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The TRIIM Trial & Reversing Thymic Involution

The Thymus, Thymus-Mediated Immunity, and the Problem of Thymic Involution Intervene Immune is dedicated to reversing a process called “thymic involution” in people. Here is why. The thymus is the master gland of immunity. It is largely responsible, by educating bone marrow-derived cells to become the T cells that carry out cellular immune functions, for protecting you from foreign invadersread more

Intervene’s T1D Crowdfunding Project

Intervene Immune is dedicated to human thymus regeneration and spin-off applications that arise from thymus regeneration, including the reversal or prevention of both transplant rejection and autoimmune disorders of all kinds. Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes (“T1D”) is one autoimmune disease of particularly wide impact and notoriety, where the immune system attacks islets, which are cell clusters in the pancreas thatread more