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Intervene’s Scientific Wellness Program to Prevent Immunosenescence

Intervene Immune has pioneered a therapeutic regimen and scientific wellness program that is designed to combat age-related immune system decline. Intervene’s team believes immunosenescence is a key driver of human aging, and its programs are designed to help maintain the proper structure and function of their immune system as they age. In short, we want to make available therapies and diagnostics that can eliminate the collapse of the immune system that occurs in old age and that is associated with a marked increase in cancer, cardiovascular disease, and overall risk of mortality.

Treatments are now being made available from collaborating physicians combined with a scientific wellness program to carefully monitor treatment and immune system status. Intervene researchers have pioneered approaches to monitor safety as well as efficacy of methods to maintain immune system health, i.e. prevent immunosenescence. These methods have also been validated in a clinical trial with collaborators from major research universities including UCLA and Stanford.

Intervene’s program is adaptive, where adjustments are made at frequent intervals based on blood draws, including safety monitoring and also cutting-edge biomarkers of immune status and aging status. We believe it is a critical program for individuals who are interested in leading a significantly longer and healthier life.

What to Expect

The program requires commitment for a full year.

The program entails a full year of treatment and diagnostics.


Approximately 5-10 blood draws and consultations.


Approximately 2-5 appointments with physicians and program staff.


One busy month. The first month is typically the busiest.

Where to Start?

You complete a brief online survey to help determine initial eligibility for treatment. We will then discuss with you your health status and determine your enrollment options. Then, if we decide enrollment makes sense, we will discuss the logistics involved, and begin to arrange our initial (baseline) blood draws and assessments.

Core Program Services

-Immune system regeneration protocols

-Epigenetic age monitoring

-Safety and wellness monitoring

-Immune system monitoring

-Additionally: Senolytics, Fasting and fasting mimetics, and NAD+ supplementation

Contact us today by phone at 833-3-IMMUNE (833-346-6863) or complete an initial online form (link) to let us know about your specific interests. We look forward to working with you.

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