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Intervene August 18, 2017 at 2:19 am
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Project Description

Intervene Immune, Inc. is a for-profit biotechnology company developing methods for the safe regeneration of the human immune system. We are dedicated to developing low-cost methods that are safe and reliable, and also widely available to the general public. We intend to develop methods that reverse human immunosenescence, a fundamental aspect of the aging process that happens in all people.  Human immune system decline occurs most prominently between ages 65 and 75, coinciding with the time when human age-related mortality dramatically accelerates.

General donations made to Intervene Immune will be applied to our ongoing research and development efforts.  The company’s most recent clinical study was completed with an all-volunteer staff (including co-founder, Dr. Greg Fahy, who is pictured above) and in concert with researchers from Stanford University. Our future trials are intended to make this immune regeneration therapy even more safe, reliable, and widely available.

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